Monday, 19 May 2008

55. Judith Levine - Not Buying It

Not Buying It
LEVINE, Judith
Pocket Books
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The idea occurs to me, as so many desperate resolutions do, during the holiday season.

Thanks to Dododumpling for running this Ring which I joined in curiosity while hoping for a moment of inspiration in my own attempts to get out of debt.

Levine chronicles her year of only buying necessities (such as food) with warmth and humour. A political writer, she delves into the politics of American consumption and, I must confess, some of the arguments flew over my head. But I am inspired by her vision of moving away from the growth economy which, she says, will lead to our ultimate destruction.

I'd recommend this book to anyone hoping to save money because it proves what can be done by 'normal' people living in today's society as well as the more exceptional lifestyles some people choose to adopt. It might also be of interest to students of politics or economics.

I'm not rushing out to buy Levine's other books - they sound very learned and do not specially appeal. But, if she writes on another topic which interests me, I would like to read her again.


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