Tuesday, 7 April 2009

The Waterstone's Card

I've got a Waterstone's loyalty card. I've buy books from there most months (and, let's be honest, often several times a month). For the past wee while they've been asking, 'Do you have a loyalty card?' and it was only today that I had the wit to say, 'No. How do I get one?' So I've now been furnished with a nice, shiny, new piece of plastic. And I'm telling you about it because it really does seem rather good ...

With the card, one gets:

  • 3 points per £1 spent.
  • book reviews by email.
  • competitions.
  • special offers.
  • free 'Books Quarterly' magazine.
  • 'the chance to read and review books before they are published.'
  • double points and bonus points offers.
  • eco points if you don't take a carrier bag.
Hmmm ... now which of those options has me all excited?  Well, Books Quarterly because I've been looking for a bookish magazine.  But, really, it's the 'read and review' bit.  And, hey, 3 points per £1 can't be sniffed at.

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