Saturday, 4 April 2009

15. Barbara Hughes - Disciplines of a Godly Woman

I bought this book at the Catholic bookshop rather than the Christian bookshop in Glasgow and therefore assumed it would be a Catholic look at womanhood. It’s not. The author is an evangelical Christian and writes from this viewpoint.

Barbara Hughes is the wife of a Pastor in the US and, in this book, shares a wealth of experience. She looks at the various aspects of ‘submission’ in each of her chapters and includes a further study section for each area. I was particularly interested in her treatment of the single (as opposed to the married state) which, as a single woman, I found quite liberating. I’m used to books which hold marriage in such high regard that the single vocation is a very poor second and only useful for providing the world with missionaries! Thankfully, that is not Mrs Hughes’ view.

This isn’t a book for the new Christian. I would be more inclined to recommend it to someone who is a few years on in her faith and looking to go deeper. The ideals Mrs Hughes examines seem far out of my reach but, nonetheless, I shall hang onto this book and explore the further study sections at my leisure.

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Amydeanne said...

I seem to remember that book... if your after another one that's very empowering for single women I read,
The Diva Principle by Michelle Mckinney Hammond, she does a couple books that are more for singles, and women in general than marriage focused. I found it quite interesting!