Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Rings or Rays?

Katie1980 asked, very sensibly, why I'm Ringing books read for The Project rather than Raying them?  I also realise that (maybe) someone might read this who isn't a BookCrosser so a word of explanation is needed.

BookRings and BookRays (Rings and Rays) are run via BookCrossing.   In both cases, the book travels down a list of participants each of whom reads it and leaves a Journal Entry reviewing the book.  In a Ring the book returns to the originator when it gets to the end of the list.  In a Ray the book becomes the property of the last person on the list.  So, if you're trying to get rid of books, a Ray is the way to go.

But I've chosen to Ring the books I read for The Project.  Why?  I suppose it's habit.  I always Ring what I read and have done for a number of years.  When the Ring's over and the book comes home I usually put it on BookMooch.  And that's what I will continue to do.  My books need to pay for themselves and, when The Project is over, I'll be Mooching for books again and will need points.  If I end up with an enormous bank of points and am still on The Project and therefore not Mooching then I can send the points to Charity.  I also Wild Release and OBCZ Release books that I've read and then Ringed so that's another outlet for books once they come home.  I enjoy all these activities and I think if I were to eliminate them by doing Rays only then I'd feel like I'd lost my hobby and The Project would soon fall by the wayside.  It'd be a bit like dieting and banning all the food you enjoy.  It's not likely to work in the long-term.  And, with this many books to deal with, long-term is the way it's going to be!

Oh - I should also say ... I really don't feel tempted to keep the books when they do come home from their Ring.  I've already read the book and it's rare for me to desire a re-read.  So there's very little chance of a read and Ringed book finding it's way back onto Mt TBR.  Anything I thought was that good won't be getting Ringed anyway (books sometimes go astray on these things).  It'd go into the 'Further Study' pile or straight into Permanent Collection.  Further Study is currently looking rather full so I'll be choosier than usual and PC isn't a problem as it fits in its home (or would, if the space wasn't taken up by Mt TBR).  I do need to knuckle down and do some of the studying I have planned and probably also weed out the books a bit but, compared to Mt TBR, FS and PC just don't even rate as problems.

And so I shall read ...!

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Anonymous said...

fair enough! I'd forgotten you're a 'moocher as well. That makes perfect sense, and sounds like a good way of gaining back some monies (in effect) for all your books. And it's good that you don't have quite the same hoarding tendencies as I do when it comes to books! I'm definitely safer to ray things I want to leave permanently ;o)