Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Naming Convention Challenge 2008

I've come across a very interesting challenge. Here are the rules:

1) Write down your first name (or whatever name you usually go by)
2) Do any or all of the following:
2a) For each letter, pick an author whose last name starts with that letter.
2b) For each letter, pick an author whose first name starts with that letter.
2c) For each letter, pick a book that starts with that letter.
3) Books can be cross-overs from other challenges, but each book can only be used once in this challenge. Authors may be repeated though.
4) The challenge lasts one month per letter of your name

I've decided, firstly, that I can't resist a good challenge. And, secondly, to use my first name (Laura) to choose books whose titles begin with the letters. So the selections are:

Janette Oke - Love's Long Journey
Jan Karon - At Home in Mitford
Kazuo Ishiguro - The Unconsoled
Vanessa Del Fabbro - The Road to Home
Marlena de Blasi - A Thousand Days in Venice

Happy reading, everyone!

1 comment:

Maria said...

Hi Laura, I'm glad you wanted to join in. Looks like you've got a good selection - I'm very fond of Janette Oke, Jan Karon and Kazuo Ishiguro, so while "At Home in Mitford" is the only book I've actually read, I think you're in for a treat :)