Monday, 28 July 2008

Monday Musings #2: Choosing Your Next Book

Today's Monday Musings asks:

What do you think? Would you use a program like this [BookLamp], that helped you pick books to read based on what you’ve read before?

I think BookLamp sounds a fairly good idea but I think there would be a danger of the reader falling into a rut of always reading books of Type A and missing out on all the other Types she might enjoy. I suppose it would depend on exactly how the site makes selections for you. I certainly wouldn't want to be dependant on one source for reading recommendations. At the moment I gather wishes from various blogs, LibraryThing and friends over at BookCrossing.

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MizB said...

Thanks for your thoughts! I think you're right, too -- it's something I thought of (how you might get stuck always reading the same type of thing).

If you watch the 13-minute YouTube video they've got on the BookLamp site, it gives you a sort of demonstration of how the program supposedly works. Maybe that'd clarify it a bit for you.