Monday, 4 August 2008

The Movements of the Books

Erik Rees - SHAPE: This book moves from Mt TBR to the Bible Study pile as it's the kind of book you do rather than the kind of book you read.

Orson Scott Card - Sarah: DNF - I've decided I don't like fictionalised accounts of Biblical characters.

Corrie Ten Boom - The Hiding Place: DNF - I did start this and am sure I would have got a lot out of it but I'm a bit depressed at the moment and so an autobiographical account of life in a concentration camp does not appeal.

Eirc & Leslie Ludy - When God Writes Your Life Story: 8/10 - I read this in a day after waiting impatiently for its arrival! Although I prefered Authentic Beauty, I found this an enjoyable and worthwhile read. The authors tell of the early years of their marriage and ministry and their aim of living life totally surrendered to God. There's plenty of practical help although, as with all books of this nature, there is the danger of legalism. This is a radical approach to Christianity and one which I find very appealing. I'll hold on to this for further study although I fear some of the ideas are beyond my reach.

In Other News, I'm experiencing severe problems with one of my wrists. I'm seeing the Dr this afternoon but suspect I'll be told to rest it which will curtail my online life. Fortunately, the other book I've been waiting for (Lisa Bevere - Nurture) has finally arrived so I do have something good to read!

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Bluestocking said...

I'm glad you have a good book to read now!