Saturday, 9 August 2008

70. Susan Cilyk -- Rainbow Bridge

Title: Rainbow Bridge
Author: Cilyk, Susan
Publisher: Athena Press
Format: Paperback
BCID: HTTP:\\www.bookcrossing.con/journal/6337096
No. of pages: 129
First sentence: As I stood in a private car park on an abnormally cold Sunday afternoon in the early summer setting a trap pilchards, my thoughts were filled with images of the many times I've been in similar positions…

I am so grateful that I have had the opportunity to read this book. This is the story of the many cats who have entered the life of the author in her work as Cats Protection volunteer. I started reading the book by accident on the day that I received it and I read it in little bursts ever since. Some of the stories have made me cry and others have made me laugh until I cried. I find it amazing that there is someone in the world who is as dotty about cats as I am and who has had some similar experiences. For the first time in my reading to hear I'm actually considering writing to an author!

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