Wednesday, 30 April 2008

46 Judy Baer - Be My Neat-Heart

Title: Be My Neat-Heart
Author: BAER Judy
Publisher: Steeple Hill
Format: Paperback
No. of pages: 250
First sentence: “A girl could get killed on a job like this.”

1. Why did you enjoy the book?
I enjoyed this light-hearted look at the world of professional organiser, Samantha Smith. In true Love Inspired tradition, I was entertained without being particularly stretched. Samantha is engaged to organise Molly by Molly’s brother – Jared – a man to whom she has taken an instant dislike. Molly seems determined to make Samantha love Jared as much as she does and everything is going swimmingly until tragedy strikes.

2. What did you dislike about the book?
There were some odd changes of tense which jarred but the story was engaging enough to let me move on. I did find it odd to read about people who’re so very organised – Samantha and Jared live in a totally different world to mine!

3. What comments do you have on the writing style?
The writing is engaging and, apart from the odd tense changes I mentioned above, it flowed very well. This is a first person narrative told from Samantha’s perspective and that style worked well throughout.

4. What are your impressions on the plot/story line?
The plot was a little predictable but that’s something I’ve rather come to expect from Love Inspired. You know where you’re going to end up but getting there is generally a pleasant experience.

5. Were there any memorable/favorite characters? Which ones and why?
I particularly liked Baer’s humour with the animals – Zelda and Imelda. I’d love to meet Zelda in the flesh.

6. What were the memorable themes?
The underlying theme of this book is ‘let go and let God.’

7. Would you recommend this book to others? Why or why not?
I’d recommend the book to any Christian woman who’s looking for an afternoon’s entertainment.

8. Is the book cover attractive?
The cover is very pink and the ‘neat-heart’ of the title is a little cheesy but I think it gives a fair glimpse of what’s inside.

9. What impressions does the book title leave you with?
There is no chance of me every being anyone’ neat-heart and I’m not even sure I’d want to be!

10. Would you read anything else by this author?
Yes. I’m going to try and get Norah’s Ark in the hope that I’ll meet some of the same characters.

11. Do you have any favorite quotes from the book? What are they?

12. How would you rate this book overall? On a scale of 1-10?

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