Sunday, 27 April 2008

45. Chip Ingram - Love, Sex & Lasting Relationships

I first came across Chip Ingram listening to UCB UK and I was struck by his warmth and sensitivity in discussing all aspects of relationships (pre- and post-marriage). This is the first of his books that I've read and I'm delighted to report that the same tone is evident in it. Chip suggests that there are two paradigms at work when it comes to romance - The Hollywood Prescription and God's Prescription - and explains both (with their benefits and pitfalls) at length. He closes in a rousing manner by inviting the reader to join 'The Second Sexual Revolution'. Illustrating the book with examples from his live and the lives of others, Chip gives a very honest and open look at relationships and purity. His argument is persuasive without being pushy. I particularly liked the fact that he's writing for a non-Christian as well as a Christian audience. He offers evidence from secular research as well as looking in some detail at part of Ephesians and this lends weight and accessibility to the text. Each chapter closes with a few questions for the reader's consideration and I'll be hanging on to this book until I've had a chance to work through them properly.

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