Saturday, 2 May 2009

IB - Tom Cox - Under the Paw

Title:  Under the Paw
Author:  Tom Cox
Publisher:  Pocket Books
ISBN:  9781847391834
Price:  £7.99

The Back of the Book:   For years, Tom Cox might have seemed like a regular sort of bloke - a lover of late nights, rock music and beer - but he had a dark, furry secret.  tom was a cat lover.  For a while, he kept his passion in check, but then he met Dee, his moggy-loving soulmate.  He left London and his job as a rock critic behind and he and Dee, her cat Janet and three new kittens moved to a remote part of Norfolk, thinking their cat madness had reached its limit.  They were wrong.

In Under the Paw, Tom records the chaos of owning seven of the most charismatic, idiotic and duplicitous cats in the country.  On call round the clock for multiple sets of whiskers, Tom encounters death, depression, flying fur and the first human sentence spoken by a feline.  And then there is the heartbreaking story of The Bear, his oldest cat:  a 'painfully sensitive' survivor moggy who may or may not be an evil genius.

Why I Chose This Book:  I was looking for the second book for the offer I took up yesterday and saw the cat on the cover.  What more can I say?

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