Sunday, 3 May 2009

IB - Anne Graham - Womanhood Revisited

Title:  Womanhood Revisited
Author:  Anne Graham
Publisher:  Christian Focus
ISBN:  1857926854
Price: £7.99

The Back of the Book: Why do so many full-time mothers and homemakers feel inferior to career women?

Why do women feel they need to be more like men to be seen to be successful?

We have had over 35 years of feminism attempting to right the many wrongs of an immoral, patriarchal society. After a generation of discord and the removal of any preconceived gender roles the question has to be asked where are we now, and where are we going?

In her book Anne Graham suggests it is time to revisit the perfection of creation where woman was created for and from man - equal in value yet different in purpose, to live in co-operation and not competition.

This is a controversial book in the light of feminist teaching on the subject, but the author uses history, scripture and personal experience to make her case.

Why I Chose This Book:  I am intrigued to read something by Anne Graham having seen her much lauded by other authors whose work I've enjoyed.  To find her writing on the subject that interests me really sealed the deal - even though I don't like the cover!

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