Wednesday, 17 December 2008

105. Harrison Weir - Our Cats and All About Them

I was very excited to find a copy of this book which was originally published in the 1800s. Weir is credited with moving the domestic cat's social status from 'necessary hunter' to 'beloved pet.' He organised the very first cat show (at Crystal Palace) and wrote this book as a means to help people enjoy and understand the species. Although some of the language used is difficult to read at first (think Dickens), I enjoyed this book. There's a lot of detail about what makes a good show cat and, I must confess, I did skip some of the detail as my interest isn't in showing. The rest of the book is made up of sections of varying size and covering such diverse topics as 'Cats Take Note of Time' and 'The Wild Cat of Britain'. I found it fascinating to note where Weir's thoughts match (or differ from) modern knowledge of cats.

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