Monday, 15 December 2008

103. Bob Briner - Roaring Lambs

What an interesting book. I don't remember why I acquired this book but I'm glad I did. Generally, when I book comes into this house, it's registered on BookCrossing and put in a box or on a shelf until it works its way to the top of Mt To Be Read. Then I pick it up and read it without reviewing the marketing blurb on the back cover. I think that books should stand on their own merits and quite like the adventure of not knowing what I'm reading when I set out on my journey through the pages. I followed this pattern with Roaring Lambs and, from the title, was rather expecting an exhortation to lead a traditional and fundamentalist Christian life in the manner of, say, Elizabeth George. In fact, this book is quite different.

Briner takes a broad look at culture - literature, visual arts, television, films - and asks 'Where are the Christians?' He suggests that, instead of complaining and boycotting what we find objectionable, we should be praising the good and creating more that is good in these fields. He says that it isn't enough to write Christian books for Christian readers - this is, after all, a classic case of preaching to the choir - but Christians should be using the popular culture to bring the Gospel message to those who'd never darken the door of a Church or Christian bookstore.

The book is a very easy read - it's taken me only a few hours - and I am surprised at having enjoyed it and taken on board some of the ideas. I wasn't in the mood for a fundamentalist lecture and I'm glad not to have found one.

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