Saturday, 15 March 2008

A Little Bit of Shopping ...

I did not intend to buy books today. I didn't even intend to go to a bookshop. Or the mall where the bookshop is. But I was overtaken by events and am now the proud owner of:

Clare Chambers - The Editor's Wife
Lloyd Jones - Mister Pip
Jojo Moyes - Silver Bay

Aren't 3for2 offers terrible? I'm going to read Mister Pip first as it's the store's book club's read for this month. If I like the book and my mother's doing well then I may go along to the club and see what is to be seen.

Meantime, today the postman brought:

David Llewellyn - Eleven

It'd been out on a BookRing and has now returned to Mt TBR.

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