Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Books In, Books Out

M&D gave me some money for Easter with which I purchased:

Max Lucado - Cure for the Common Life
R T Kendall - Totally Forgiving Ourselves
Joyce Meyer - How to Hear from God
Leslie Ludy - Authentic Beauty

Did Not Finish

Penny Culliford - Theodora's Weding
DNF - I greatly enjoyed Theodora's Diary but don't really feel the concept was strong enough for a trilogy. This book seemed like the same old same old so I abandoned it in favour of something new.

Jared Diamond - Collapse
DNF - I read the Introduction and, finding myself less than impressed, decided not to wade through the next 500 pages.

Lee Strobel - The Case for Christ
DNF - I'm quite sure there's a lot of good information inside this book but I found it impossible to get past the author's rather unpleasant manner. Perhaps there are others who would not find him so abraisive.

Permanent Collection

Josh McDowell - Evidence that Demands a Verdict
DNR - This is a reference book rather than one to be read cover to cover. The author provides the outlines of various essays/arguments pertaining to the various branches of Christian apologetics.

Did Not Read

Penny Culliford - Theodora's Baby
DNR - The third in the 'Theodora' series mentioned above.

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